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Ron Huldai
Phone No.: 972-3-5218218
Email: huldai@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Tel Aviv 1 Faction

Deputy Mayors

Doron Sapir, Adv.- First Deputy Mayor
Phone No.: 972-3-5218271
Email: sapir_d@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Tel Aviv 1 Faction

Nathan Wolloch- First Deputy Mayor
Phone No.: 972-3-5218488
Email: nat_w@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Koach Lagimlaim Faction

Meital Lehavi - Deputy Mayor
Phone No.: 972-3-5218440
Email: meital_l@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Meretz Faction

Peer Visner - Deputy Mayor
Phone No.: 972-3-7240156
Email: visner_p@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Green Party

Asaf Zamir - Deputy Mayor
Phone No.: 972-3-5218402
Email: zamir_a@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
"Rov Ha'Ir" - The Young Party of Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Council Chair

Yael Dayan
Phone No.: 972-3-5218250
Email: yield@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Tel Aviv 1 Faction

Council Members

Shula Agami
Phone No.: 972-3-5218287
Email: agami_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Tel Aviv 1 Faction

Haviva Avi-Gai, Adv.
Phone No.: 972-3-5218401
Email: haviva@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Koach Lagimlaim Faction

Benjamin Babayof
Phone No.: 972-3-5218248
Email: babayof_b@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Shas Faction

Yael Ben-Yefet
Phone No.: 972-3-5218163
Email: yaelby@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
City for all Faction

Dr. Noah Efron
Phone No.: 972-3-5218095
Email: efron_n@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
City for all Faction

Shmol Gefen
Phone No.: 972-3-5218551
Email: gefen_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
BGD Faction

Rachel Gilad-Wallner
Phone No.: 972-3-5218133
Email: gilad-wallner_r@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
City for All Faction

Arnon Giladi
Phone No.: 972-3-5218390
Email: arnon@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il, arnon@igudan.org.il
Likud Faction

Yoav Goldring
Phone No.: 972-3-5218161
Email: yoav.goldring@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
City for All Faction

Reuven Ladianski, Adv.
Phone No.: 972-3-5218330
Email: ladianski@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Latet Lihyot (Let Live) Faction

Dan Lahat, Adv.
Phone No.: 972-3-5218123
Email: lahat_d@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Green Party

Aharon Maduel
Phone No.: 972-3-5218391
Email: maduel_a@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
City for All Faction

Ahmed Mashharawi
Phone No.: 972-3-5218375
Email: mashharawi_a@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Meretz Faction

Shlomo maslawy
Phone No.: 972-3-5218881
Email: maslawi_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Likud Faction

Shmuel Mizrachi
Phone No.: 972-3-5218856
Email: mizrachi_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Tel Aviv 1 Faction

Carmela Ozeri
Phone No.: 972-3-5218286
Email: ozeri_c@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Social Justice Faction

Omar Siksik
Phone No.: 972-3-5218105
Email: siksik_om@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Yaffa Faction

Alon Solar
Phone No.: 972-3-5218010
Email: solar_a@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
"Rov Ha'Ir" - The Young Party of Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Dr. Hanna Tamir
Phone No.: 972-3-5218782
Email: tamir_h@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Green Party

Dr. Moshe Tiomkin
Phone No.: 972-3-5218126
Email: tyomkin_m@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Koach Lagimlaim Faction

Yaniv Waizman
Phone No.: 972-3-5218116
Email: yaniv@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
"Rov Ha'Ir"- The Young Party of Tel-Aviv-Yafo

Shelomo Zafrani
Phone No.: 972-3-5218537
Email: zafrani_s@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Shas Faction

Tamar Zandberg
Phone No.: 972-3-5218278
Email: zandberg_t@mail.tel-aviv.gov.il
Meretz Faction

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