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Tel Aviv Global is an initiative started by the Mayor's Office of Tel Aviv-Yafo dedicated to elevating the city’s global positioning. In 2010, the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality undertook a municipal-national initiative designed to position Tel Aviv as a global city – a leading international business center that specializes in innovation.

Global Cities

Role: Creating economic growth by drawing foreign companies, startup founders, visitors, students and international events to the city.

Mission: Managing a municipal-national undertaking to support the Mayor's vision regarding Tel Aviv's development as a global business center of innovation and entrepreneurship, a leading destination for urban tourism, and a leading city brand worldwide.

Tel Aviv Global is a municipal company managed directly under the Office of the Mayor of Tel Aviv-Yafo. Its primary efforts are directed toward making the city more accessible to the world and facilitating its quantum leap in the global arena, achieved in cooperation with municipal, national and ,private partners. The company focuses on three main pillars which together produce the infrastructure needed for global economic growth.

The pillars are:
Economic Development
Global Communications

Future Plans
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Municipal Undertaking
Managing the Change – Global Standardization
The Municipality is promoting adoption of norms and methods to render itself and its services to global audiences and position itself at the forefront of global urban endeavors. We are gauging success in this sphere according to the number of municipal departments incorporating global targets in their annual work plans, as well as global connectivity and recognition of municipal initiatives (e.g. "Tel Aviv Smart City" "Tel Aviv Creative City" etc).

 A Metropolitan
Greater Tel Aviv
In the eyes of a foreign visitor, Tel Aviv extends beyond its municipal boundaries and offers meaningful experiences in nearby cities as well. Pooling the assets of the neighboring cities creates a single, continuous urban domain for visitors and investors alike – Greater Tel Aviv.

National Undertaking
Tel Aviv - The Gateway to Israel's Economy
Promoting Tel Aviv around the world as the gateway to Israel's economy and a brand that bypasses the existing regional conflict
is viewed as a national interest by the Government of Israel. The government is a partner to the undertaking, and considers Tel Aviv's prominent standing an asset that can contribute to the country's economy and image worldwide. Economic growth stemming from international sources and foreign investments can help fund important national and social initiatives, both in Greater Tel Aviv and in other parts of the country.
Million More" – A Groundbreaking Target for Reaching New" Audiences
In the past decade, Tel Aviv has made significant strides as a global brand. Reaching out to trendsetting audiences, which began after Tel Aviv's "White City" was declared a World Heritage Site, has created the needed infrastructure for attracting large and new audiences to the city. The challenge we now face is leveraging that success so that it makes a substantial economic contribution to the city. To achieve that end, the "Million More" strategy was formulated – doubling the number of foreign visitors to the city in the coming years. Through reaching out to three new target audiences viewed as having considerable potential:
Bleisure – business visitors, City Break and foreign students

Tel Aviv's Global Quantum Leap
Developing tourist infrastructures that will allow to double the number of int'l visitors:
A concerted effort, in cooperation with government, municipal and private agencies, to sygnificantly develop tourist infrastructure,
with the goal of doubling the number of hotel rooms in the city (from 8,000 today to 15,000 in 2020).

Fostering the city as a global center of innovation - The world's Beta Site:
A municipal-national effort to attract int'l entrepreneurs, investors and startups, through creating value, eliminating barriers and creating a set of incentives. By doing so - allowing Tel Aviv to develop from the center of the "Startup Nation" to a
world-leading innovation hub.

Enhancing the discourse of Tel Aviv as a brand known the world over:
Collaboration with municipal, national and private stake-holders to facilitate a quantum leap in the global awarness to the Tel Aviv brand.

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Global & Tourism
Address:  1 Zeitlin , Tel Aviv- Jaffa, Israel
Phone: 972-3-7253861
Fax: 972-3-6959684

Tel Aviv Global & Tourism | A unit of the Municipality of Tel Aviv-Yafo, aimed at positioning Tel Aviv as a global city – an international business center leading in innovation. We are focused on international development and marketing, tourism development, global partnerships and promoting the Tel Aviv brand in partnership with our stakeholders worldwide.

Tel Aviv Global & Tourism Board of Directors

Chairperson: Mr. Yarom Ariav
Alona Arieli Lahav
Eli Cohen
Alex Giladi
Mickey Gitzin
Rafi Kriman
Dan Lahat
Zohar Sharon
Gidi Schmerling
Ayelet Wasserman
Yaniv Weizman
Nathan Wolloch



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